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7-11 Won’t Sell CBD Oil But Hemp Joints Could Be On The Horizon

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Huffington Post, last year, stated that 7-Eleven plans to start selling cannabidiol ― also known as CBD ― products at more than 4,000 of its locations by the end of 2018. Obviously, it’s 2019 and CBD hasn’t landed itself on 7-11 shelves but that’s not to say that it’s completely out of the question.

Owner of Hempire Direct CBD Smokable’s brand that specializes in Pre Rolled CBD joints, states that it’s been talking closely with both Speedway and 7-11 to carry their Pre Rolled Hemp Joints, and hopes to have their joints on shelves by 2020

Hempire Direct says that if even 1% of the smoking population started smoking hemp joints it would do significant damage to the big tobacco industry, something the founders of Hempire Direct are very passionate about.

7-11 Hasn’t publicly announced an update on wether of not they will carry CBD Pre Rolls, but with high margins and big tobacco tax not involved this could mean serious revenue for the largest convenience store chain in the world.

One of the best delivery methods for hemp is smoking or vaping. CBD Hemp Joints

CBD is one of the non-psychoactive ingredients found in the cannabis or hemp plant; it doesn’t produce the high associated with marijuana. But it has been used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism, arthritis, seizures, nausea and chronic pain.  

“This agreement confirms our belief that CBD’s status as a mainstream wellness option has arrived,” Janet Rosendahl-Sweeney, founder of Phoenix Tears, said in a statement. “We’re eager to usher in a new era of effective, holistic, hemp-based supplements that are now as easy to buy as stopping by the local convenience store.”

7-Eleven stores will sell CBD products in states that have legalized recreational or medical marijuana, including California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada and Washington, D.C. The chain said it plans to have CBD stocked in 4,500 stores by the end of the year, with 7,000 stores stocked over the next three years.

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