The Top 3 Secrets To Running Facebook Ads For CBD
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Marketers Are Using This Dirty Secret To SELL CBD on Facebook.

Written by Molly Rose

Facebook Allows CBD

Facebook recently allowed ads for CBD Topicals, ads going to educational resources and blogs like Hightimes, Leafly, and Weedmaps have even more room because they don’t sell a product. Runnin facebook ads to anything educational about CBD that doesn’t make health claims should be good to go.

That leaves a lot of room for what you can sell a person after you get their information. Expert CBD marketing companies are able to obtain cell numbers and emails after engagement with their ads making it now possible for the company to introduce it’s other products to the consumer.

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We found the best way to make sure your CBD ads on facebook are not getting disapproved is to make sure they are compliant.

Right now you can run ads for CBD topicals. But rules still are in place.

RULE #1 Absolutely 0 medical claims are to be made in your ads or on the landing page. If you are running CBD Facebook ads to a chatbot you won’t want to make any medical mention in your first messages either as it can get flagged.

RULE #2 Do make sure you don’t have much text in your image, and that your advertisement is that. An advertisement for your topical product. You can say a lot in your Facebook ad copy without typing a whole paragraph.

RULE #3 This isn’t really a rule but we have seen pages getting shut down when you install the facebook pixel. It’s much easier to just capture a relationship with the user via a bot. If you don’t know to run ads to a chatbot we suggest hiring an expert.

When in doubt dont’ run facebook ads yourself. Hire a company that knows what they are doing. You woulden’t pull your own teeth, hire a skilled expert.

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