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4 Reasons You Can Buy CDB, and THC Stays Illegal.

Right now, there’s a major misconception surround the marijuana plant. Many uninformed people assume that the plant, itself, is only used to make people lazy, “couchlocked” stoners that never amount to anything in life.

That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Some of the most successful minds in the world have learned the powers of the marijuana plant, many without ever experiencing the psychoactive effects that are negatively associated to it’s use.

Then, when you realize that the plant, itself, is also responsible for some of the brightest, most creative minds the world has ever known, you start to wonderwhat is it about this plant that gives it that “miracle” allure and mystique?

We’re about to break down 9 differences between the THC and CBD molecules, why CBD is legal and THC isn’t, and how THC can begin to help the world with mental illnesses, depression, PTSD, paranoia, and even begin to make people communicate again.

In short, right now, the public’s perception is afraid of people using mind-altering substances, which is the properties that the THC molecule offers it’s users.

#1: Both molecules are “psychoactive” in nature.

At the root definition, every substance, chemical, vitamin, or hormone produced in your body that affects your mind is “psychoactive” in nature. It alters the chemical processes in your brain, so the root definition is true, to a point.

CBD doesn’t give you the same psychoactive “feelings” and effects that consuming the THC molecule will. THC gives your body a feeling of lightness, quiets your mind, and gives you clarity by causing you to focus inward — it’s the myth of the “quiet stoner”.

CBD, on the other hand, gets more use from the A-types in the world, who see the THC molecule as holding them back and slowing them down.

They’re the types that never quit moving and understand that their body is a finely tuned machine that can use all the extra boosts it can get, especially when they’re natural and organic, and science has proven them to help.

#2: THC Relaxes Your Mind, CBD Relaxes Your Body

If you step back and look at who’s interested in the marijuana plant for the medicinal and “healing” properties, you’ll see two schools of thought: one wants to optimize their minds, and the other prefers to optimize their bodies.

Hippies prefer both, but productive members of society are discovering that each of the active molecules do serve incredibly different purposes, and can be utilized at different times for the same healing effects, without worrying about the feelings and effects overlapping into your next day or interrupting your life in any way.

#3: CBD is legal. THC is not.

Right now, even though there are states that have “recreationalized” marijuana usage and sales, that does not mean that the plant or the THC molecule is actually legalized.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. On a federal level, the plant is still classified as a harmful substance, which controls the public’s perception of it, as well as the free market’s ability to show how powerful the entire plant can be.

In other words, even if you have a medicinal license or you can purchase marijuana recreationally, it is still illegal under American laws. CBD, on the other hand, is not.

With passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD was deregulated so farmers, investors, free market capitalists, doctors, and psychiatrists could begin studying the effects of CBD molecules in controlled environments, without allowing their patient’s minds to be altered.

At a federal level, the biggest hurdle is the THC molecule shifting a person’s brain while they are “under the influence” (or medicating themselves) which causes people who have misconceptions about the plant to assume it makes them “psycho”.

This is, largely in part, to the term “psychoactive.”

Psychoactive simply means it affects your mind. Using that definition, Tylenol is a psychoactive because it alters your mind’s chemical makeup to increase blood flow and release pressure on your brain — the pressure that causes your headache, in the first place.

While the laws catch up to the movements happening behind the marijuana plant, as a whole, the general public is now about to experience the effects that the CBD molecule offers, and on a much larger scale than ever before.

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#4: Most people prefer not to “feel” the effects of THC.

If you’re like a majority of the general public that are finally realizing the powerful benefits that the marijuana plant can offer your mind and body, but are afraid of the feeling of “getting high” or being “stoned”…

CBD gives you many of the same health benefits, without causing the hazy, stoned sensation that the THC molecule provides to users seeking a deeper level of relaxation and clarity in thought.

If you’ve been nervous about feeling the positive benefits of the medicinal marijuana molecule, CBD, because of a common misconception that it will induce the same euphoric feeling that THC will, there’s a significant difference in the way your brain processes each molecule.

THC binds itself directly to the receptors in your brain, which CBD actually inhibits the effects of. If the strain of marijuana is heavier (higher percentage) in CBD than THC, the CBD limits the “stoney” feeling associate with the THC molecule.

Simply put, this means that when you’re adding CBD into your nutritional regimen, you are creating a foundation that naturally limits the negative effects of the plant — those effects that slow you down, make you feel groggy, and limit your physical energy levels.

The CBD molecule, when ingested separately, has shown people who have the same misconceptions that you can utilize the plant’s medicinal properties, without effecting your already positive state of mind. You get the positives, without weighing yourself down.

Why is THC illegal, while it costs more money to separate CBD from it?

With science evolving faster than we can keep up with, thanks to technology and modern medicine, it’s nearly impossible to ignore the positive effects that CBD has proven to provide for people who understand it’s effects on their bodies, and are aware enough to maintain a focused, centered state of flow.

If you are not self-aware, utilizing the CBD molecule could help you regain your composure and open your eyes to the world in front of you.

Those are the “psychoactive” properties of the chemical substance (naturally produced by the plant, itself) that help open your mind to the possibilities around you.

The answer to that question?

Public’s perception based on the “hippie” movement that started in America during the 1960s.

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