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CBD’s First FDA Approved Drug Eipdiolix Is Used To Treat Seizures

What is Epidiolex?

Epidiolex is a new brand of seizure drug, CBD is the primary active ingredient in Epidiolex. Released by GW Pharmicuticles Eipdiolix can only be prescribed by a doctor. If you are looking for medical grade CBD that would stand up against Epidiolex, check out Earth Science Tech

Earth Science Tech specializes in medical grade CBD products at a fraction of the cost, of what Eipdiolix costs at a fraction of the price, and without a prescription.

Keep in mind Seizures are not something to be taking lightly make sure to consult a doctor before replacing a prescription drug with any thing you buy in a retail enviroment, be that online or in person.

What does Epidiolex mean for the CBD industry?

It means we are the closest we have ever come getting life-changing medicine into the hands of millions. Imagine how many peoples lives will be positively affected when doctors can prescribe and administer CBD.

It’s always a concern that Big Pharm will lobby to impose more restrictions on CBD brands that are selling to the public.

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