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What Is CBD

The Complete Guide To Everything You Need To Know About CBD

Are you confused about what CBD Is? We created this extensive beginners guide to allow you to quickly learn what CBD is, and what it can do for you..

Everything You Need to Know About CBD

If you have been considering taking CBD oil for pain or looking to buy CBD oil; this comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know about CBD hemp oil, including an explanation of all the hemp oil benefits. We aim to answer your questions about the CBD daily dose, how much CBD oil should you vape for pain relief, along with other useful information about Cannabis doctors, where to buy CBD oil and much more. C

How Much CBD Oil Do You Need?

CBD oil dosing is something that is completely individual to the person who takes it. What works well for one might not be as effective for another. Everybody is different, and the key factors that can influence the best CBD dose to take for pain relief will depend on a person’s height, weight, genetics, environment, and their individual metabolism. Other factors that can play a vital role in knowing the best dosage of CBD to take can be the consistency of the product, and this is usually different from one manufacturer to another. Because of these factors, there isn’t a clear-cut answer of knowing exactly how much CBD you should vape for pain relief or any other reason for that matter. 

The key to getting your CBD dosing right is simply a matter of perseverance, and of trial and error. However, there are plenty of rough estimates for CBD dosing that are widely available for review. 

For those who are new to CBD and want to know how to get started, they will usually review the minimal CBD dosage on the product and increase the dose from that point as they become accustomed to the product and its effects. 

The typical CBD daily dose is 25mg of CBD, taken twice a day. 

If you are taking CBD for pain relief or for the relief of specific symptoms, then you may wish to incrementally increase your dosage on a monthly basis by 25mg until you reach a point that you feel relief from your symptoms.  

TIP: You might want to keep a diary of your CBD dosing to keep track of what is working and what feels right for you. 

According to the Mayo Clinic’s statistics on CBD Oil dosing, there is a range of different CBD doses that are applicable to different ailments and conditions. It is important to understand that although this information is supported by scientific research, medical journals, and expert opinion, it is to be treated as a guide, and everyone has different tolerance levels to CBD dosing that will need to be accounted for. 

Check out our CBD Dosing Chart Here

How Many Different Types Of CBD Products?

There are so many different types of CBD products, the number of which is growing all the time. The various types of CBD products can usually be divided into three key categories. 

  • Smokables – CBD products you can smoke 
  • Ingestibles – CBD products you can eat
  • Topicals – CBD products you use topically on your body

CBD hemp oil in different forms is produced with quite different CBD oil concentrations. Knowing the different types of CBD products that are available, along with your preferred method of administering the CBD is often the easiest route to take to work out which type of CBD product is best for your individual needs. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the different types of CBD products that fall into each of these categories. 

CBD Smokables 

  • CBD Isolates
  • CBD Wax Dabs
  • CBD Shatter
  • CBD E-liquids 
  • CBD Vape Cartridges 
  • CBD Hemp Flowers

CBD Ingestibles

  • CBD Infused Gum
  • CBD Liquid Oils, such as CBD Drops or CBD Tinctures 
  • CBD Capsules 
  • CBD Sprays 
  • CBD Water
  • CBD Dissolvable Powders
  • CBD / HEMP Cooking Oils
  • CBD Brownies / Cookies 
  • CBD Gummies

CBD Topicals 

  • CBD Skincare and Creams
  • CBD Transdermal Patches
  • CBD Shampoos and Conditioners 
  • CBD Soaps
  • CBD Bath Bombs / Oils

What Are the Most Popular CBD Products?

Different products provide different results for the individuals who take them. The best CBD product to use will depend entirely on the person who is taking them, and their motivation for taken CBD / Hemp Oil products as well. Here are some of the most widely-available CBD oil products on the market today. 

  • CBD Capsules 

These are a highly popular product because they are easy to take orally and present a discreet and hassle-free option that is easy to add into any daily routine without too much trouble. 

Although the benefits will not be felt until the product passes through the digestive system, if you are taking CBD over a longer period of time, they are an ideal choice. 

  • CBD Vape-Oil Concentrates 

These CBD E-liquid cartridges can be used for vaping CBD and as such, they are one of the most popular CBD products. It offers users a fast-acting CBD oil product that often delivers near-instant results. Vaping is considered to be a relaxing experience, and for those who already vape, CBD e-liquids are an ideal product to use. 

  • CBD Hemp Oil Concentrates 

These highly potent CBD products are usually taken sublingually. They are made with heavy oil that is directly extracted from the hemp plant. They are usually available to buy in three different forms. 

Raw – The oil is not heated nor filtered when it is extracted from the plant, delivering a hemp oil product that contains all cannabinoids and terpenes.

Filtered – The filtration process of the hemp oil takes away additional plant parts to deliver a highly-concentrated CBD / Hemp oil.

Decarboxylated –This type of hemp oil is not filtered and delivers the full effects of CBD oil.  

  • CBD Beauty Infusions 

There are lots of new innovations in this category, and almost all of these CBD products are used topically on a person’s hair or skin. If there are localized issues, then these are a great way to get CBD absorbed into the affected area quickly. 

CBD is now used as a core ingredient in lots of anti-aging products because of its irrefutable benefits. It is a natural alternative to other chemically infused products, and the range of CBD anti-aging products are increasing exponentially. It is a great source of proteins, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and it has documented anti-inflammatory benefits as well.

  • CBD Tincture Extracts 

This is an oil-based product that is formed from a grapeseed or coconut oil base. While it is akin to CBD concentrates, tinctures are taken sublingually. They are typically available in a bottle spray or dropper top which makes them incredibly easy to use. They are absorbed into the bloodstream with ease and have a rapid-acting effect. 

  • CBD Edibles 

Edible products usually have a lower potency of CBD and are most suited to those individuals who are trying CBD for the first time. They are a discreet way to take CBD and can be easily disguised as normal everyday snacks.

 What is The Best Way to Use CBD Oil?

As you can see from the huge range of different CBD products that are available to use, there are lots of ways you can use CBD oils. 

CBD E-liquids and CBD Cartridges are a great product to use for those who like to vape. They deliver almost instant effects and can simply be inhaled and exhaled through a handy mouthpiece. They are a cost-effective way and come in a huge range of flavors and strengths. 

CBD Tinctures and CBD Drops will usually always come with a suggested serving size on their packages. To use, you simply placed the desired number of drops under your tongue and held them CBD in position for around a minute. Once the minute has passed, you can then swallow the liquid safely. 

CBD Edible products come in a range of forms, in order to take them you simply need to open and enjoy. The effects can sometimes take a little time to kick in and provide a great way to discreetly take CBD oil. 

CBD Concentrates can be taken in a number of ways. For those of you who might be familiar with smoking cannabis or other concentrates such as CBD wax, this is no different. You can sprinkle some into a pipe or a vaporizer, light, and inhale. 

Use this chart to help you quickly know the pros and cons of the different types of CBD products, along with the duration of their effects and who the different products are most suited to. 

Tips to Help You Work Out the Best CBD Oil Dosage

If you are looking for the best way to find out how much CBD oil to use, take a look at these tips for some useful pointers!

In the medical world, Scientists and Professionals alike are only just beginning to develop specific schedules for CBD dosing for medicinal hemp, marijuana, and all of the other extracts and forms that it is increasingly being presented in. 

While there are many states in the U.S who have taken the move to legalize medicinal marijuana, there is still a pressing reluctance to prescribe CBD for two core reasons. 

#1 – The majority of medical institutions fail to utilize cannabidiol therapy or CBD in their courses as it is not a patented product.

#2 – Medical Doctors are unable to physically prescribe CBD due to the fact that at present, there is no RDA or universal dosing guidelines in place. 

Note: The information that is presented here is to serve only as a guide, and it should never be considered as medical advice; instead, it is a starting point and for reference only. 

Why You Cannot Overdose on CBD

It is important to know that it is not possible to have an overdose of CBD. While there are no legal dosing guidelines for CBD oil products, and those with chronic conditions may dose up to 1500mg daily, it is always essential to find a CBD dose that works well for you. 

CBD Oil in most cases is considered to be a natural product. However, it is always advised that you consult with your Doctor or Physician prior to commencing any regular use of any CBD products. 

If you use CBD in particularly high doses, there are a number of risks that have been found to present in patients who dose highly for prolonged periods. Some of these are:

  • Sedation
  • Dry Mouth
  • Low Blood Pressure (MILD)
  • Lower Activity of B and T Cells
  • Lightheadedness 
  • Lower Activity of p-Glycoprotein 

If you are taking any other forms of medication, then it is particularly important to ensure you speak with your physician before commencing a regular or ongoing use of CBD. 

Can Genetics Impact Your CBD Dosage?

Contrary to popular belief, your genetics can actually have an impact on your CDB dosing. Research supports that some people have been found to have genetic mutations that could impact how a person uses and responds to CBD. 

Specifically, the CNR1 Gene is directly responsible for coding a receptor that is known as the CB1 Receptor. This is the receptor found in cells throughout a person’s body that can interact directly with cannabinoids. Where issues present with the CNR1 gene, this can result in a weakened or less-performant endocannabinoid system. 

Without getting too technical, there are a number of other cellular factors that can significantly impact upon the absorption of CBD into a person’s body. 

#1 Epinephrine and Morphine can both reduce the activity of the CB1 Receptor which means for anyone who might be using Opiates, they may find taking CBD beneficial to help them decrease their Opiate use. 

#2 There is a huge range of substances that can affect the CB1 Receptors in a person’s body. Aside from this, there are also lifestyle choices that can affect the metabolism of CBD in a person’s body as well. THC is one such example which boosts the activity levels of the CB1 Receptor, and Alcohol can boost its expression. In theory, drinking alcohol and smoking cannabis could increase the effectiveness of the CBD product. 

#3 A specific type of Omega-3 fatty acid that is known as DHA has been found to boost CB1 Receptors. In theory, those who eat lots of fatty fish would usually need to take a lower dose of CBD oils to achieve the desired effect V.S someone who eats no omega-3 in their diet at all.  

#4 Nicotine and Exercise are both known to boost the levels of anandamide, a naturally synthesized cannabinoid that is produced in our brains. This serves as a natural activator of the CB1 Receptor. This means that taking nicotine and being active could potentially boost the effects of CBD. 

While the comprehension of genetics and CBD is still in its infancy, it is certainly an interesting avenue to explore. However, any information presented right now is still very much still in research stages. As with all of the information presented about CBD dosing, it is always important to speak directly with your Doctor about your intended use, and for help getting an answer to any questions you might have. 

Can You Get Addicted to CBD Oil?

Please take comfort in the knowledge that you cannot become physically addicted to CBD oil. If we based this answer purely on chemistry, then the answer to ‘can a persons get addicted to CBD oil’ is an all-out no. 

When compared to other substances, such as opiates, alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and benzodiazepines; Cannabidiol is not physically addictive like some of the fore-mentioned products. There are no withdrawal symptoms that present physically when you stop using CBD. 

In fact, there is an ongoing medical study that is addressing the ability and effectiveness of CBD products to reduce drug withdrawal symptoms. However, as is human nature, people can become addicted to almost anything they like; exercise, sex, chocolate, and music are just a few examples. 

For those who decide to take CBD products to help relieve pain or the symptoms of any other chronic condition, it is likely that whatever sensations or pains existed prior to taking CBD could return, and with this, a desire to start taking CBD oil could present as a way to help them overcome the unpleasantness of these pains or ailments. 

What Does a Cannabis Doctor Do?

A Cannabis Doctor can often help you get the answers you need when you have specific questions about CBD oils and Cannabidiols. Because there are not many Physicians who specialize in medicinal cannabis, you are often unable to direct answers to the questions you have about CBD. Aside from this, there are lots of people who just don’t feel comfortable discussing CBD products or use with their own Doctor. 

A Cannabis Doctor can be consulted online or in person and will be able to give you direct answers to the questions you have about a specific condition and the potential effects of CBD on this ailment. 

What are the Potential Health Benefits of CBD Oils?

With the legalization of medicinal cannabis, it goes without saying that there is already enough compelling data and research studies in the public domain that support the myriad of health benefits of CBD. 

Here, we share with you some of the many advantages of taking CBD, along with some of the conditions, symptoms, and side-effects that CBD oils are known to help with. 

  • Pain Relief 

Perhaps one of the most prominent health benefits of CBD oil is its ability to provide pain relief across a very broad spectrum. It can reduce inflammation and chronic pain through its direct interaction with various neurotransmitters in the brain.

Fact: Marijuana has actually been known to have been used as far back as 2900 BC

  • Depression and Anxiety

Anxiety and drepresion of these conditions can have significantly detrimental effects on a person’s wellbeing and their day-to-day living. CBD oils have demonstrated a promising ability to treat both anxiety and depression in a natural way that is free from unwanted side-effects that so often come with prescription medications that are used to treat these issues.

  • Cancer-Related Symptoms

CBD oils may provide relief to the symptoms of cancer and the side-effects of various cancer treatments. Specifically, not only does it help with targeted and whole body pain relief, but it can also reduce vomiting and nausea that is induced following chemotherapy. 

Despite the research that has already occurred, it is to be noted that more scientific research is needed to ensure the validity and efficacy of this product and its ability to help combat cancer-related symptoms. 

  • Reducing Acne 

Acne affects billions of people across the globe of all ages. Based on a range of studies, CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties along with an ability to lower the production of sebum in a person; as such, it is proving effective in tackling acne-related skin concerns. 

  • Lower Blood Pressure

CBD Oil provides a range of benefits to the circulatory system and the heart; the most noted of all is its ability to help lower blood pressure. For this reason, studies have focussed on looking at CBD as a way to help alleviate issues with high blood pressure.

Are There any Side-Effects of Taking CBD products? 

CBD oil-based products are considered to be very well tolerated and safe for consumption. While exceptionally low in likelihood, there have been a couple of noted side-effects in some CBD-related studies that have been carried out.

  • Fatigue
  • Appetite Changes
  • Diarrhea 

In Summary 

CBD Oil has undergone extensive studies for its role in helping people to combat a huge range of health concerns and issues. The most well-document research into CBD oils and its impact on health care for anxiety, acne, heart disease, and pain relief. While the research is still ongoing, there are so many positive outcomes and stories from those who regularly use the products in a range of different applications and doses. 

While there is still more research taking place, studies indicate the CBD oils are a powerfully safe, wholly natural way to tackle a range of common health concerns. 

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