FDA Strickly Warns Large CBD Company About Health Claims
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CVS Pulls CBD from shelves after FDA warns them for making Health claims

Written by benji boyce

If you have run across an Online CBD Store that is making health claims then it’s not FDA Complaint. The FDA explains here what they mean by a health claim.

The Curaleafs revenue surged after the company attracted national media attention following a very in-depth letter from the FDA.

The FDA’s letter stated that Curaleaf has 15 days to remove it’s health claims or face possible seizure of their products and injunction.

Staying compliant is a big issue CBD Companies are facing since they are all out there to sell you on the wonderful fact about.

A Safe Consumers Guide To Buying CBD Online and In-Store

Why CBD Companies Cant Make Medical Claims

Always buying from a compliant website is very important. Be wary of any website making health or medical claims such as using the words reduce, relieve, anxiety, cancer, pain, stress.

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