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CBD Merchant Processors

Written by benji boyce

CBD merchant processing companies are popping up all over. With so many to choose from it’s hard to know exactly which ones are legit, as well as which offer the best rates, and best payouts. Here’s a breakdown of the best merchant processors for CBD.

Here are a list of CBD Merchant Processors

Selling CBD On Shopify

If you are planning on selling CBD products on your Shopify store there is only one requirement. You must use an external payment gateway like authorise.net.

High Risk Merchant Processors That Integrate With Authorise.net

Below is a list of high risk merchant processors that we have found get e commerce brands approved quickly for.

Will Shopify Shut My Store Down For Selling CBD?

Yes and no. If you use shopify’s default payment processor then yes, they will shut you down. Shopify processes payments via stripe, and stripe does not allow hemp or CBD products to be sold, however.

You will need to connect another payment gateway if you want to use Shopify. Shopify charges an extra 1% for processing external payments, but shopify is by far the best platform for CBD brands out there.

You can click here to get a free 14 day trial of shopify.

Top Merchant Processors For CBD

Choosing a merchan

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