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The Healing Power Of Palo Santo

Even though sage gets all the spotlight, there are other aromatic plants that you can use for spiritual and physical healing. The palo santo is a sacred, fragrant wood that has been a staple in South American rituals for centuries. This stick has been used for hundreds of years by the Incans, shamans, and other indigenous peoples as a powerful cleanser and medicine.

What Is Palo Santo?

The palo santo (scientific name bursera graveolens) is a special tree that is found on the South American coast, mainly in Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. It comes from the same family as frankincense and myrrh, but with unique, magical effects. The palo santo gives off a pleasant aroma; some people describe it as having notes of mint, pine, and lemon while others say it smells like baked apples or burnt sugar.

The name in Spanish literally translates to “holy wood” or “wood of the saints”. It was used by shamans and monks alike because of its ability to naturally cleanse and heal. It was used to ward away mala energia, or negative energy, as well as evil spirits and physical ailments.

The wood is so sacred that it’s actually illegal to chop down a palo santo tree. Instead, you only use wood that has already fallen off or died. After the tree dies, it is left to rest for several years before the wood is harvested.

The Uses And Benefits Of Palo Santo

Palo santo sticks, much like sage or incense, are used to heal and cleanse the body, soul, and mind. You can use these to purify your room, your aura, or objects such as crystals and tarot cards.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using palo santo in your daily routine.

Cleanse Your Energy

Palo santo has amazing purifying properties. Not only does it cleanse your space and your thoughts of negative energy, but it can also attract positive energy too! Smudging palo santo invites good fortune, peacefulness, love, and joy into your life. 

Boost Meditation And Massage

Because of palo santo’s relaxing, healing nature, it’s a great addition to your yoga practice, meditation sessions, or massages. As the sticks burn, you’ll feel more at peace and balanced within. Uplift and calm your spirits, reduce your stress, and feel more connected to your inner self and the spiritual world around you. 

Heal Your Body

Shamans used palo santo to heal their community’s various ailments. This wood has been known to alleviate symptoms associated with headaches, the flu, colds, stress, respiratory problems, anxiety and depression, joint pain, inflammation, arthritis, and much, much more. Give your immune system a boost and speed up your recovery with the soothing palo santo spirit.

Keep Flying Insects Away

For the more practical of the bunch, palo santo is an incredibly useful tool around the home! Protect yourself against illnesses by burning a few palo santo sticks throughout the day. Its smoke wards off annoying and disease-carrying insects such as flies and mosquitoes. 

How To Use Palo Santo

Smudging is a ritual you can perform to cleanse the energy of your room, an object, or even of yourself. Once you’ve cleared the negative energy out of your mind and set your intentions, light the palo santo according to the following instructions:

  1. Light the palo santo stick using a lighter or match.
  2. Hold one end of the stick and point it downwards at a 45-degree angle.
  3. Burn the stick for 30 seconds to a minute, then gently blow out the flame.
  4. To cleanse your home, slowly move around while holding the stick. To cleanse an object, allow the smoke to surround the item you’re cleansing. To cleanse your spirit, hold the stick close to you as the smoke wafts around you.
  5. Place the stick in a bowl or stand. It will continue to produce smoke, especially if you occasionally blow on the embers to keep the heat alive.

The Healing Home Essential

Palo alto sticks and incense are a must-have in your home. Incorporate it into your daily routine to lift your spirits, clear your mind, heal your body, and refresh your soul.

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